Where our journey began and where we are now


Hi farm friends! I’m Shealee. The girl behind Loving the Farm! Since I was young, I have had a passion for animals and the church. Then God began to make the stars align in 2017 when I surrendered my life to Christ and decided he would be ruler over my life. Shortly after, in January of 2018 we received our first bottle baby goat, Elsa, and I fell in love.


Elsa was a bottle baby who had lost her mom at 2 weeks old. Her previous owners had been unable to get Elsa to take the bottle so they brought her to us. Elsa was an inside-outside goat for the first year of her life. We decided that she needed to be moved outside into a fence and with other goats. However, I was told that in order to get more animals I would have to find a way to make them pay for themselves. So, after a lot of research, I came up with a business plan that allowed me to take out a loan to put up a fence, get 4 more goats, and ultimately start the business Loving the Farm!
While I may not have seen it at first, I can now look back and say that God has used Elsa and the last several years of running Loving the Farm, participating in 4-H, CEO, the church and goats to mold me into who I am today.

In all of this, God started revealing a lot of how the pieces fit together in the summer of 2022. Right after graduating high school God helped me go on my first mission trip- a trip with Amazon Hope to Brazil. God gave me the opportunity to go down the Amazon River with family and friends and learn what it means to share and see people come to Christ. He continued to work on my heart, and after a time of spiritual warfare I finally listened and answered my call to attend a gap year program to the East Pacific Rim of Asia.

On this trip, God continued to mold me and work on my heart, showing me just how important spreading the Gospel is to the lost people in the world. He opened my eyes and my heart to these people, as well as the endless opportunities of ministry avenues through everyday events in our lives.


And why we love doing it
We have a desire to serve a God greater than us, therefore our business is dedicated to *sharing God’s Love through God’s creation. We accomplish this mission (outside of being actively involved in the church and missions) by using the God given abundance of goat milk to make goat milk soap.

I wanted to make Goat Milk Soap after trying some years before because I had LOVED it. So when we were blessed with an abundance of milk, I couldn’t wait to start making it myself. When I did, it didn’t disappoint. Loving the Farm offers quality soap made with ingredients meant to moisturize, clean, and protect your skin.

Along with our soaps, we also focus on raising quality Kinder goats and offering opportunities through events to connect you to the farm animals, a part of God’s Creation. God has given us many amazing natural resources that we incorporate into our products and we believe it’s vital to be good stewards of what He has blessed us with.

So check us out, put us to the test, and fall in love with God with us as He continues to reveal His unfailing faithfulness as we all keep Loving the Farm! 

We sell Goat Milk Soap 
and Honey



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