If you are interested in some friendly and adorable bunnies, then you have come to the right place! Our bunnies are handled from the time they are born until they are go home with you! Occasionally we even get them started on leash training before they head to their new home. Leash training makes for some great fun! When the bunnies are on the leash it seems that they walk you more than you walk them. 

Our bunnies are also raised with dogs that are pretty calm and they have never seemed scared of them, however if the dogs become super hyper then the bunnies seem to get a little more stressed. So if you have a dog at home please consider their temperament before bringing a bunny home.


We currently do not have any baby bunnies available. If you would like to keep updated and watch for future litters feel free to follow us on Facebook at !


We have most of our adult bunnies up for sale to the right home as of right now. However, we will be somewhat picky about the home that some go to as we know the personality of each bunny. If you would like to inquire about any of our adult bunny feel free to message us! If the bunny is pregnant or has babies, we will hold the bunny until the babies are weaned and only then will the bunny be allowed to go home with you!


Buddy is a six year old senior Rex rabbit. He has a beautiful black otter coat and loves to get out of the pen. He is looking for a retirement home where he will get time out of the pen and lots of attention. Buddy is getting fairly old and will likely be requiring some geriatric care soon, but he is still full of love and energy and will make an amazing addition to the right home. If you think you are the right home for him, contact us and we will set up a time for you to come meet him. 


Sky is a three year old lionhead new zealand cross rabbit. He has beautiful blue eyes and a very calm, docile personality. Sky is amazing with kids and people of all ages and I hate to sale him because of his incredible personality. He has been amazing in our farm events, but unfortunately no longer fits in with our breeding program. Although, he no longer fits in with our breeding program on the farm, I am confident he will fit into someone's family. If you think you are the right family for Sky, contact us and we will set up a time for you to come meet him. 


When you buy one of our bunnies they will come with a short care guide with the basic care instructions for your bunny. This includes what size cages for your breed, what kind of food to feed, how to trim your bunnies nails, what to use for wormer, and more! We may also send you home with some transitional feed depending on what you will be feeding your bunny.


If you would like to get on the wait list for future litters of our bunnies, or have any questions, please contact us and let us know your name, number, and the breed/s and gender you are interested in! We will update the website regularly with any new bunnies that come up for sale.

Currently the breeds that we have include: Rex, New Zealand, and lop eared mixes. We are looking into getting some purebred Rex and Mini Lops in the near future!


Come and visit us! You're always welcome at the Farm.

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