The girl that started it all. Elsa is a sassy, herd queen. She is spoiled rotten with attention as well as bananas, cantaloupe, and strawberries as those are her favorite treats. Elsa is a very independent girl who, when not soaking up the sun and is out of the pen, is trying to eat her mom's rose bushes and get into mischief. Elsa’s specialty in the herd is keeping the dogs and baby goats in check with her bossy nature. However, she also absolutely loves attention, so she gets jealous of the other hard-working girls when they get more. To compete with that, she has taken up painting. Yep, that’s right. Elsa the goat likes to make paintings on paper, pumpkins, and even people! So if you see her with a paintbrush you might want to watch out, but expect a masterpiece.


Kinder Korner BellaShea
Dam(mom): Kinder Korner Diamond Dust
Sire(dad): J’J’S Legacy

Bella is another hard-working girl on the farm! She has a reserved nature and prefers to stick with Elsa, but will accept the occasional head rub. Bella doesn’t like a wide variety of foods, but the ones she does she pigs out on! Bella is a proud mom of another of our hard working and absolutely stunning girls, Bailey. One of my first kinder goats! She came from Kinder Korner Goats who have been absolutely amazing mentors in helping me on my journey! Bella has won one Grand Championship in her show career so far.


Kinder Korner SheaAnna
Dam(mom): Kinder Korner Fauna
Sire(dad): Kinder Korner Smokey Desperado

Meet Anna! Anna is one of our hard-working does who makes some of the milk in our Goat Milk Soap. She is a very sweet girl with a gentle and protective nature. She absolutely loves her kids and you must get her permission before playing with them. If you take them out of her sight, she gets upset with you and very worried about them. Anna also likes taking sunbathes, eating fallen oak leaves and she loves her person. She gets overprotective of her babies and her person. When Elsa tries to come say hi, Anna will step in between you and her and watch Elsa very closely. If you go out and sit in the pen with her she also loves to cuddle, so don’t be surprised when she tries to crawl in your lap! Anna is one of my other first kinder goats also from Kinder Korner!


Shea’s Kinders Bailey
Dam(mom): Kinder Korner BellaShea
Sire(dad): Olive Knoll Woodstock

The goat everyone wants. Bailey is a reserved girl with lots of potential. She enjoys hanging out with Austin and looking pretty. Bailey enjoys the occasional head rub and likes hay even more. On nice days, or when they are out for a walk, Bailey still likes acting like a kid, running, jumping, and bouncing ahead.  Bailey is one of the first babies born on Loving the Farm to Shea’s Kinders! She has a gentle personality and we look forward to watching her grow!
Austin's Awards:
Reserve Grand Championship, KGBA Sanctioned Show Sedalia Missouri August 2021
Grand Championships KGBA two-ring show in Warsaw Indiana September 2021
Grand Championship KGBA two-ring show in Warsaw Indiana September 2021


Austin is the handsome man of the farm. He loves attention as much as Elsa, and loves to please you. On a given day he is likely found chilling with his mom, Anna, or Bailey, his half sister. Austin's special power comes from his drive to please. He has learned many of the tricks on our farm including shake, paw, bow, through a hoop, and a few more. Anytime he is out of the pen, he is often found following around his favorite person helping her out with whatever he can. He also loves to work with children, including teaching them about goats and other animals, or to just brighten their day! He is so calm and sweet that he is a great fit to work with kids with special needs or visit the people in the nursing home as well. So he gets to come to most of the farm events. If I ask another goat to come with me, he genuinely gets mad and talks back to me about my decision. Austin is a wether, actually one of the very first goats born on our farm! We have been working with him on trick training. This makes for some great fun when kids come out! We are hopeful that he may one day be pulling a cart too! Currently he knows tricks like ‘Shake’ ‘left leg’, ‘walk on’, ‘bow’, ‘left’, ‘right’, and more!


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