Animal rentals give you a chance to spoil the animal lover in your life with fun filled hour with a fun farm animal! Contact Loving the Farm to schedule your animal rental.
If you are wanting to go above and beyond for your animal loving kid, friend, or spouse this animal rental option is the way to go! With our animal rental option you get to bring a goat(or two), bunny, and/or chickens to you. This is a great option to surprise some one with at a birthday party, anniversary, or just add to your event. Whether that’s a summer reading program, family reunion, preschool party, or something else. All our animals are friendly and enjoy being pet- especially the goats!

During certain times of the year we may also have baby goats available! We often use our baby goats for goat yoga, rentals or goat grams, goat hikes, and sometimes even twister when we have them!


Our educational animal grams are perfect for events where people would like to learn more about goats, bunnies, and farms. Whether it is a summer reading program, an FFA event, or a classroom everyone will benefit and walk away with more knowledge on the care and service goats and farms provide to the community.  
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Standard: $175
Includes: Three different animal species such as a goat, bunny, and chicken for an hour.  Mileage fee of $2.50 is added for every mile past 25 miles of Campbell Hill IL. 

Add-On an extra hour: +$100

Educational: $250 + Mileage
Includes: All three animal species for an hour, and our educational materials. 
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Goat Hikes | Saturdays
Goat Yoga| August- October 

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