Bunny Grams


At Loving the Farm, we think every one deserves to experience the joy of sweet bunny snuggles! If you would like to play with a bunny and get all the snuggles your heart desires without making a 5-10 year commitment, then you should consider a bunny gram! Contact us to schedule your bunny gram today!
Are you or a child you know dreaming of owning a bunny one day? Is it just not the right time and you don’t want a 5-10 year commitment? Or are you wanting to surprise your class or coworkers with a fun and sweet surprise? We are providing a unique solution so you can get your bunny fix without the 10 year commitment. With our bunny grams one of Loving the Farms bunnies will join you for at least an hour of playtime. The one hour or more of playtime includes cuddles and photo opportunities!


Price: $120 per hour

Duration: Up to 1 hour

Note that this price is only good for the first 25 miles around Campbell Hill IL. An additional $2.50 per mile will be charged past the first 25 miles.
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