Goat grams are one of our favorite services offered at Loving the Farm! It's the perfect solution if you love goats but can't have one of your own. Learn more about goat grams and contact us to schedule yours!
With a Goat Gram you can enjoy at least one hour of playtime with one, if not a couple, of Loving the Farm’s goats! Our goats will come ready for goat snuggles, treats, photo opportunities, and with a couple of our own goat wranglers. We will also be bringing out baby goats, or kids, when we have them!
A goat gram is perfect for a birthday surprise, party, anniversary, mothers day, valentines day, proposal, nursing home visit, or just about any special event. The possibilities are endless! Of course you can always schedule just because you want to play with some baby goats too!


Duration: Up to 1 hour

Price: $120

Please Note: The price above is only good for a 25 mile radius around our farm. Anything past that and a travel fee of $2.50 per mile, rounding to the nearest mile, will be charged.
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