Goat yoga is yoga made better by the cuteness of goats! Schedule your goat yoga session with Loving the Farm and contact us today!
Enjoy a nice relaxing and fun filled hour with the special people in your life. With goat yoga you are guaranteed to laugh and get some amazing pictures!

Please make sure your child is big enough to be okay with a goat jumping and/or nibbling. We recommend ages 12 and up.

Public events are $25 per person. 
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Our yoga sessions will be outside and while we have babies only. As a result we are limited to a few months of the year, so if you would like to book a Goat Yoga Event contact us to get on our calendar! We can’t wait to hear from you!

We are now booking for August through October!
Contact us to get on our schedule today!
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-For large corporations and events

$500 for 1 hour, max of 3 hours. $100 per additional hour. This includes our goat wranglers and goats. 

Up to 30 people will be allowed at each session and we can provide a max of 3 sessions per hour. 


-For private, small, family parties or events

$250 for 1 hour and 10 people, after the first 10 people an additional $25 per person will be charged. This includes our goat wranglers and goats for an hour of yoga and snuggles.

A max of 30 participants will be allowed.
Loving the Farm can no longer provide the yoga instructor. Instead, we will be providing goats, two goat wranglers and a pen. We have a limited supply of yoga mats, so we ask that participants provide their own. 


Come and visit us! You're always welcome at the Farm.

Campbell Hill, IL

LovingTheFarm15@Gmail.com(618) 713-1789
By appointment only


Goat Hikes | Saturdays
Goat Yoga| August- October 

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