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"I bought some jewelweed soap from you last fall and picked up at the Apple Festival. I wanted to tell you that I got poison ivy on my elbow a few weeks ago, so I wet the side of the bar of soap, rubbed my elbow on it, then used my hand to wash my elbow. By the time I was done (just a couple minutes) the itching was 99% gone. After a couple days, I then used a spray I bought from someone else. I could’ve washed again with your soap, but I wanted to see what the spray would do.
Both worked for me. I don’t like to use prescription meds if possible, especially steroids, which is the only thing that would get rid of the poison ivy rash, until now. Jewelweed is natures antidote to poison ivy. They grow side by side.”
-Louis Ohman 
"“Just wanted to tell you that I love my soap! I do not have to apply lotion when I get out of the shower. This is typically a must for me during the winter! Wow! Very clean feeling too.” 
- Kathy Otte
“Last year my doctor only gave me hydrocortisone for the itching. The rash spread across my stomach on its own (I am good about not itching it) and became bright red. It took weeks to go away. Now I know I can work in the yard this year and not suffer. I plan to shower with it every time I work in the yard. I will be buying more and telling people about it. I also gave a friend a bar for his daughter.”
- Louis Ohman
"Omg. We love the soap. I posted to my Facebook info and photo from the other night. We would love to have more soap and eventually we want to come play and see what your place is all about. I give beyond 5 stars!”
- Customer 
“Jumanji stats for February 2023. Exposed to 16 does. Settled 16 does, including 3 Nubians and one Lamancha. Kidding 2/6-2/19/23. 32 kids born, 31 alive, 21 bucks, 10 does. All healthy and active. They are nice stout kids. I am really happy with him as a sire. Happier than I have been in a long time.”
- Lisa Lamm KGBA Evaluator
“ I am excited about him(Jumanji a Kinder Buck) and he’s easy to deal with, which is icing on the cake!”
- Lisa Lamm KGBA Evaluator
"When Covid hit I was laid off at my job. The job was mediocre, however I was grateful to have it. I moved to Ava in 2018, and even though I was from a small town in MO, I wasn’t from this one. It was hard to find someone to hire me without knowing who I was. So this was a huge blow to my heart. I felt useless as I watched my husband work hard day in and day out. I put in over 131 applications in person and online. I had been praying for almost 2 years for God to find the perfect job for me, Since I clearly wasn’t producing anything on my own. I was offered a position for Pioneer Village. It was the start of something truly beautiful in my life and led me to become a FT aide at Trico. However, the biggest surprise and blessing was to be able to work with another devoted Christian. Shealee may be young but she is going places and moving mountains with God by her side. You are an amazing coworker and friend! Thank you for all you do!"
- Kayla Ethington
"Personable, knowledgeable, encouraging, family-friendly, and fun! Shealee at ‘Loving the Farm’ is truly a jewel; and if you want to gain understanding and excitement about farm life, pet some adorable creatures, try some AMAZING goats milk soap, or need wisdom in your own animal husbandry journey, head over her way!! I highly recommend her!
- Cassandra Sutton
"I love how your family came out when we came to visit, and were a part of your farm life. I feel like you and your family connected with us. You are so relaxing and humble, yet pack a punch for knowledge!!
- Cassandra Sutton


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